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Mobile grease and oil trap "MOBILAP"


  • motels, restaurants, and hotels
  • food processing industry
  • bakeries and patisseries
  • pekárny a cukrárny
  • cafés
  • pizzerias
  • slaughterhouses


  • no building works required for mounting
  • fully automated operation and grease removal
  • noise and odor free
  • easy mounting and dismounting
  • made of corrosion resistant materials

Oil and grease traps are used when wastewater contains certain amount of dissolved animal and vegetable fat. They are used as cleansing devices and are installed in front of wastewater treatment plants or in drainage. Oil and grease traps prevent the drainage from being clogged or entirely silted.


Drainwater containing free-floating grease and oils enters the MOBILAP through a water intake area where mechanic impurities are collected by means of the fine-mesh screen. The treatment process itself is based on the principle of gravitational sedimentation of fats and oils with lower density than the water. The separated fat is trapped in the retention area of the tank. Trapped fat is then removed – it is wiped off the cylinder (skimming wheel) at regular intervals. All the system is heated up to 45 – 60°C which enables better fats separation. The heating process also helps to prevent bacteria growth within the system which is a major cause of odor. There is an adjustable clock timer that controls the heating system switch of the skimming mechanism.

For easier servicing and maintenance and faster cleaning the trap is set up on rustless pillars and comes with an escape valve. This „MOBILAP“ grease and oil trap is an up-to-date and user-friendly system with minimum servicing and operation requirements thanks to its mobility, size and attainable efficiency during the grease-removing process.

Basic specifications of mobile grease and oil trap


Example mobile grease and oil trap using